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The raw material for the MgO-unit is serpentine which is quarried and refined 40 km west of the plant. The known reserves are some hundreds of millions of tons, and probably in excess of one billion. Serpentine is a greenish rock composed of different magnesium silicates. Splitting the serpentine into magnesium oxide and silicic acid is carried out in the MgO-unit. The MgO unit employs a closed hydrochloric acid recycle process whereby the hydrochloric acid is recovered and not released to the atmosphere.Emissions are subject to the most rigid official regulations, with which we comfortably comply.Waste water and gas discharges are controlled by automatic measuring systems and all measured values are registered and documented. The waste water approaches drinking water quality, which is confirmed by the healthy trout population of the nearby Breitenauer creek. The by-product ANKERCOLOR is utilized for production of a backfill material for the magnesite mine of RHI. In recognition of our environmentally friendly production the ECOPROFIT award was granted to MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte GmbH by the government of Styria in September 2001.

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