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Company Policy

  • Top management and all of our employees are committed to the principle of sustainable future development and we act accordingly.

  • The company management and all of our employees are committed to and bear responsibility for the continuous improvement of quality, the avoidance of waste and health hazards, as well as minimising environmental impacts.

  • The company management aims to improve the quality, safety, environmental and health awareness of all employees through training and development and provides the necessary resources.

  • We are constantly striving to make improvements in terms of economic issues, quality, safety and environmental and health protection. In order to pursue these objectives, we have introduced certified management systems, as well as continuous improvement processes (CIP). The company management assesses the efficacy of these systems and processes on a regular basis.

  • The company management and all employees undertake to comply with the laws, regulations, guidelines and official requirements. Recognised expedient measures are also assessed and, where appropriate, implemented without any official or legal obligation.

  • We manufacture products that meet the most stringent safety requirements in terms of their production, use and disposal. Our aim is to keep the burden on mankind and the environment to an absolute minimum within the framework of production, storage, transport, sales and the use of our products.

  • We support our customers with the safe and environmentally friendly processing of our products, and we instruct them on correct handling.

  • The management team carefully weighs up the opportunities and risks of new findings and technologies. Essential measures are implemented and their efficacy assessed on a regular basis.

  • The company management seeks to maintain open dialogue with personnel, customers and suppliers, as well as with the authorities, neighbours and the public. The aim is to promote mutual understanding and strengthen trust in our actions.

    Breitenau, on 19/03/2020

    The company management
    Dr. Kienesberger Dr. Amberg


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