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In 1970/1971, Veitscher Magnesitwerke AG (VMAG), now RHI AG, constructed the "MgO-unit" in its plant at Breitenau. Employing a chemical recycle process it was possible to use a magnesium-rich residue from dust separators, for the production of "pure" magnesium oxide (MgO). In 1975 the unit was shut down temporarily.
In 1982 the MgO-unit was modified for the utilization of the raw material serpentine. In 1986 the water glass unit was added to exploit the by-product "silica" and manufacture sodium silicate.
During the eighties extensive R&D work was carried out on the development of high quality magnesium hydroxides for flame retardant and fine chemical applications.
At the end of 1988 a co-operation agreement was signed with Martinswerk GmbH (Bergheim/Germany), the world's leading supplier of aluminium hydroxide based flame retardants.
In October 1990 MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte GmbH was founded and construction of the magnesium hydroxide plant commenced. It was commissioned in September 1991.
In 2005 and 2006 the capacity was doubled to 20.000mt magnesium hydroxide per year.
The current manufacturing program comprises magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, sodium silicate and silica with a variety of specifications. These quality products are sold throughout the world.

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