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MAGNIFIN flame retardants
with processing temperatures
up to 340 C

MAGNIFIN is a high purity grade of magnesium hydroxide for applications in flame retardancy. It is especially recommended when, low smoke emissions and high thermal stability of the halogen free flame retardant additive are required. The proprietary process results in high purity magnesium hydroxide grades with the regular crystal form required for flame retardancy applications in plastics and rubber. The electron microphotograph of MAGNIFIN illustrates the very regular particles (hexagonal platelets) with a median particle size of about 1 micron. A low surface energy minimizes the tendency to form agglomerates.
Four standard grades (MAGNIFIN H10, H7, H5 and H3) with different particle size distributions and specific surfaces are offered.
The above standard grades provide excellent dispersibility in polymers and processing properties. Additional grades with tailor-made coatings are available for specific applications and permit the production of compounds based on elastomers and thermoplastics, satisfying required standards even at higher filler loadings.
MAGNIFIN flame retardants are distributed exclusively by MARTINSWERK.


Polyethylene bags, 25 kg net
40 bags = 1.000 kg net per pallet,
Bags (0,9 x 0,9 x 1,8 m) with bottom discharge,
approx. 1.000 kg per pallet,
Silo trucks

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